AffiliateMillionaire is a South African affiliate program catering for online marketers who is serious about making money online. Till now, online marketers in South Africa had to focus on the international market to be able to earn decent affiliate commissions. Now they are able to focus their efforts on the market they already know and promote products sold in South African Rands.

My name is Albert la Grange. I started AffiliateMillionaire in 2009. The idea was born when I couldn’t find an affiliate program where I could earn commissions of up to 75%. The current affiliate programs at the time only focused on physical products and are only able to give between 1% and 10% commissions. Even though they provide a great service, online marketers should be able to earn a lot more for their efforts.

AffiliateMillionaire covers a wide spectrum of products and niche markets. Affiliates can easily find a product related to their website and place the promotional material on their sites. They can also build websites which are specifically build for that product they promote. This is where most online marketers make their big money when they spend their efforts in promoting one product per website. You’ll become a true AffiliateMillionaire when you own multiple websites in different niche markets.

If you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share, please contact me from the Contact Us page. You can also let me know if you need a different kind of product which is not available in AffiliateMillionaire yet. Let’s say you want to promote a “Speed Reading” course and you can’t find it in AffiliateMillionaire, contact me and I’ll try to find such a product for you to promote.

I hope you enjoy AffiliateMillionaire and I know you’ll be able to build a great online business. Soon I’ll provide you with great online marketing training courses only available to AffiliateMillionaire members. I’ll speak to you soon.

To Your Success,

Albert la Grange