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Learn the Guitar is perfect to promote and sell on music, guitar, entertainment and news related websites. You can however promote it on any website. You can use the promotional material at the bottom of this page to promote Learn the Guitar. The product is selling for R137. You’ll earn 75% commission per sale.

Learn the Guitar Product Description

This is a detailed report with insights into the guitars structure and how to play a regular guitar before you can concur the Guitar Hero game. The book explains everything you need to know about the guitar and it’s origins which allows you to understand more about the guitar before you can play the game. This will give you an edge over your appoint.

There is information regarding the tuning and positioning of your hands and feet, your whole body when you are playing with a guitar, either a real one or the Guitar Hero game. There is also a chapter in tuning your guitar, playing notes and cords, scales and your first song, and much, much more.

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