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Kicking The Habit: A Smoker’s Guide is perfect to promote and sell on fitness, self-help, weight-loss, stop smoking and health related websites. You can however promote it on any website. You’re welcome to use the promotional material at the bottom of this page to promote Kicking The Habit: A Smoker’s Guide. The product is selling for R237. It comes with 1 bonus which is How to Quit Smoking Articles. You’ll earn 75% commission per sale.

Kicking The Habit: A Smoker’s Guide Product Description

Kicking the Habit: A Smoker’s Guide is your way to actually breaking that hellish cycle in all of its forms. It teaches you step-by-step how to mentally and physically prepare yourself for each and every obsticle you will face during your walk to nicotine FREEDOM!

This is what’s inside:

  • Understanding the Psychology of Smoking
  • Are You Addicted To Smoking? The Smokers Quiz
  • Why You Should Quit Smoking Today
  • Smoking and its ill effects
  • Smoking and Heart Disease- The Connection
  • Quit Smoking Today!
  • Admit your Addiction to Smoking
  • All cigarettes are equally bad
  • Mentally Prepare Yourself to Quit Smoking
  • Role of Will Power in Quitting Smoking
  • The correlation between exercising and quitting
  • How jamming to music can help you stop smoking
  • Meditate your way to success
  • How Acupuncture Can Help You to Quit Smoking
  • Quitting Cold Turkey
  • Why it’s so hard to quit Cold Turkey
  • How Laser Therapy Can Help You Quit Smoking
  • The Truth about Nicotine Patches
  • Hypnosis Techniques
  • What Happens after you Quit Smoking?
  • The immediate rewards
  • The immediate effects
  • Long term benefits
  • Fighting The Urge – How To Stay off for Good
  • Expect the unexpected: Relapses

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